Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fifth Day of Class plus New Cookies!

 Hey! I did what I said I wanted to do last week!  I made and decorated a batch of cookies. I am really pleased with the way these turned out. I love the bunnies in particular. Pretty stinking cute, I must say. I am working on a cute carrot to match with my next batch of cookies.
I can really see a theme with these two! I love the happy toast and egg! I need a bacon cookie now.  And I think making a cinnamon tinted icing for the crust of the bread would be good. I want to do a whole tray of cute foods like this.

These were also cute and fun but I think the candies look like fish.  The orange one reminds me of Ponyo. Not a terrible thing, but not a candy. I feel like I am doing well with finding a voice in my icing illustrations. I just gotta keep at it!
I am still enjoying doing the swirly doodles on cookies too.
My take on easter eggs. I really find myself liking eastery, springtime imagery lately. Eggs and bunnies and flowers.  Of course I have my own twist on them. Seasonal designs are really important in retail, I have found, but I have always struggled with doing holiday themes (except for Halloween) so I am trying to do it when it inspires me. I think seasonal themes would be in even greater demand with something like decorated cookies, so it's something I am keeping in mind.

And I even made a drawing on a cup this week, like I said I would! I used something new for drawing, which I don't think will hold up as a decorating medium, but it was good to get back into drawing on ceramics. It may have even helped me on my test this week...

Yesterday's test was a bit of a challenge, like I thought it would be, but I think I did ok. Memorizing the stupid measurement equivalents is what is so hard for me, and converting measurements from one form to another. I am sure it will sink in eventually.

Lecture and lab were all about vegetables. I wasn't feeling so great, but I did my work as best I could, and tried to keep up with my partner, who was very fast and frantic. I think I helped keep us organized and doing things properly and kept at a good pace, except at the end when I spilled a big pile of coarse pepper on the broccoli I was sauteing. OOPS! I managed to wash it off and fix it. By the end of class we had many vegetables cooked, between our three groups.  Three types of roasted squash, some cabbage and collard greens that I have never tried before, fried okra and eggplant and zucchini, and sauteed beans and peas. Everything was pretty tasty, I had a small bite of everything. I liked the savoy cabbage that I made, but I didn't like the brussels sprouts we made.  I think they were overcooked. Anyway, it was a good class. Only two more left! I have some knife skills to practice for the knife practical test at the end, and this week I need to start my paper on Christina Tosi. Lots to do still...

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  1. Those bunnies are stinkin' cute! Is it wrong to want to gnaw the ear off of one of them? ;-) You go, girl! SO happy for you that the classes are going well. And yes to bacon cookies (especially if you can figure out how to add tiny bits of bacon to the chocolate batter)! Enjoy the day! Erin